26. des, 2014

December 21, 2014. Et siste farvel.

December 21, 2014. Last psalm from the last funeral service in this Year. Priest Einar Bach Skomsvoll.

«Deilig er jorden» er en julesalme, tekst forfattet av B.S. Ingemann i 1850, til en schlesisk folkemelodi nedtegnet i 1842. Den synges ofte i begravelser. Julekonserter blir tradisjonelt ofte avsluttet med denne sangen..."...http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deilig_er_jorden

According to some accounts, it was called "Crusader's Hymn" because it was sung by German Crusaders as they made their way to the Holy Land. But William Jensen Reynolds dismisses as "completely erroneous" any association of this hymn with the Crusades. The words may have originated in the Jesuit Order, which came into being after the Crusades. The tune emerges in Franz Liszt's oratorio Legend of Saint Elizabeth—wherein the tune forms part of the "Crusader's March"—but no evidence of the tune exists prior to 1842, when the hymn appeared in Schlesische Volkslieder.[1]